Digitized Efficiency • Enhanced Quality Assurance

A major added-value from SeedAssure would be the generation of aggregated seed sector data: numbers on seed variety production volumes; pathogen incidence; national and cross-border seed movement can provide valuable market metrics. To date, no agency has this data at any useful scale or accuracy level: SeedAssure could provide such data per market, country and region to  regulators, researchers and the commercial sector to be used in forecasting, production planning, disaster response, and research agendas in near-real time.

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Higher volumes of better quality seed more efficiently produced will improve the competitiveness of seed companies and the seed industry as a whole.

A single digital system coupled with standard training and licensing would professionalize and expand the sector, filling the certification demand gap designed to grow with the seed sector and reduce the number of rejections and disputes.

The adoption of a common IT platform would ensure full traceability of all seed lots, measuring seed performance from the producer to processors to distribution to the farmer. Records would also be creating accurate product data for regulators, researchers and investors, complementing Seed Harmonization and VIN efforts as well.

A fast and transparent inspection process would drastically reduce time, cost, and risk of new seed products, spurring variety turnover and improved product access for farmers.

Standardized digital inspections coupled with technical references (variety keys, pests data sheets, etc.) would make access to scientific data in real-time and responses to quality issues in early stages for producer processors. The design is a single point of data entry via a device pre-programmed to get the best out of the inspection visit. Digital records would also afford historical data of seed and lots to inspectors for better assessments over time.

Geo-referenced and near real-time field reports of quality issues, including pest and disease detection, would provide timely notification to producers and authorities of issues like FAW or MLN, allowing for rapid response measures to be deployed and outbreaks to be contained while creating disease trend data for both regulators and research agencies.

Single-window systems allow trade documents and transport data to be lodged instantly into a system to fulfil all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements. This system could also fit into tiered regional export license programs as well, accelerating trade and investment in quality seed. Using tried and true processes makes compliance easier and reduces liability when required regulatory minimums are not met.

Data on the area (ha) under seed production and quantities of seed produced along with seed health histories can be extracted (under a managed access system) to create reports allowing policy makers to make informed decisions to ensure regional seed—and food—security.

Pest Events – Disease Events – Production Timing data – General inspection performance & Cost – Yield and Quality – Grower Matrix, Processor Matrix and ultimately distribution matrix.

Why it Matters

Ultimately, SeedAssure could catalyze a professional seed inspector corps that eases the burden on public agencies; provides top-level, timely and streamlined services to the burgeoning seed sector; and generate real-time data for the entire value chain, catapulting trade in the region to benefit governments, private companies, and most importantly, African farmers.

Strategic Information

If fully deployed, potential sector metrics generated include:

  • Volume, diversity of certified seed on the market, including type (hybrid, OPV)
  • Volume purchase of certified seed
  • Incidence of counterfeit seed
  • Rates of seed certification rejections at the field stage
  • Rates of other non-compliance issues, regulated pest detection, other key frequencies
  • Disputes on non-compliance rejections

Confidentiality. Data security is our top priority. Permission-controlled data access and reporting is a key feature of all SeedAssure products and function, for both public and private clients.