Key Features

Bespoke • Integrated • Secure

Key features: SeedAssure has proven (over 20M checks to date) remote field data collection capability; security; bespoke design; cost-effective; inter-operable: can be integrated quickly and effectively into client businesses systems and accommodate other software and applications. The stable and inter-operable platform is designed to be responsive to the industry many years from today.

        NFC-enabled seed inspector management and performance.

  • Phyto-sanitary compliance prep capability
  • Pesticide Data Audit Capability
  • Media- and Device-Enabled
  • Escalation Notifications and Corrective Action functions
  • Business Intelligence Enabled
  • Military-grade IV System Security

Full access to headline data from each data category of the Inspection process, including; grower registration, inspector registration, field registration, crop registration to be able to ensure that certification steps through inspection are being scored and validated in a consistent manner. Real-time data on pest and disease occurrence as reported by Inspectors will allow quicker responses; trend data on prevalence will also be generated once these modules are in widespread use.

Full visibility of the inspection process at all stages and all data captured for their own crops only, allowing both quality control and monitoring of progress to certification. By design, SeedAssure is also a performance monitoring tool, able to track the location, actions, frequency, and quality of seed inspector work in real-time. Submission of assessments can also be linked to digital payments to inspectors (e.g. via Mpesa), expediting time to certification for clients and incentivizing efficiency for inspectors.

Getting NPPO’s, Border agents, Seed companies and other key stakeholders all on the same digital platform (security checks and delegated access in place) can catapult new products to market and regional trade like never before. If fully deployed, the platform can make new variety investment a smart investment, get improved seed to more farmers faster, and narrow the space for fake seed and other corruption outcomes in the seed industry. It will also allow quantifying market share, seed movement and improved seed penetration much easier.

Access to the records they generate only and on a confidentiality bases with production clients. They will be able to both collect data and send records to both NPPOs and producers direct from the field, eliminating paper document transfer, allowing for more inspections (and income). They will be able to manage their inspection schedules, receive software updates, send invoices and receive online payments.

Evidence / assurance of certification and production performance for forecasting sales. Agro-dealers, NGO’s serving farmers, and aggregated buyers can use this service.

Real-time, national and regional aggregated data on product market trends and disease/ pest patterns can be provided to inform research and development strategies and agendas based on recent trends and farmer needs.